葂it de la sisena Cursa de la UAB en suport de La Marat?de TV3

The UAB's Solidarity Race to be celebrated once again on 16 December

The seventh edition of the UAB Solidarity Race to raise money for the TV3 Marathon, which this year will be dedicated to cancer, will once again be celebrated on Sunday16 December. Coinciding with the UAB's 50th anniversary, this edition will be the most festive and supportive of all. The race will be presented on Monday 26 November at the ALBA Synchrotron which for the first time will also be included in the event's itinerary. Read more


Second Cannabis Forum at the Faculty of Law

On 23 and 24 November the UAB Faculty of Law will host the second Cannabis Forum on the reality and needs of social cannabis clubs. The meeting has been organised by the ICEERS Foundation and the Faculty of Psychology's Drug Policies Unit. Read more

MAGIC telescopes

Cosmic fireworks from a new gamma-ray binary detected

A joint observational campaign with the MAGIC telescopes (Canary Islands) and the VERITAS array at the Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory (USA) has detected a new source emitting very-high-energy gamma rays from an unusual system consisting of a massive star and a pulsar. Read more